How to turn-off/disable McAfee's auto renewal

In order to do more for the convenience of the users, McAfee developers added the auto-renewal feature. What this means is that if the auto renewal is enabled, you don’t need to think about prolonging the subscription. Instead, the software will take care of everything. It will charge you automatically, thus extending the antivirus subscription. So, if the auto renewal is turned on, it’s a guarantee that your computer will never be left unprotected.

But, some people are not fans of this feature. Many of McAfee users prefer to have a full control over their finances, rather than letting the software take care of renewals. If you’re one of those, you can stop the auto renewal feature. But, note that in that case, once the old subscription expires, you will be left without the virus protection until you renew it. Alternatively, instead of renewing the McAfee subscription, you can switch to another anti-malware program.

So, how can you stop the auto renewal in McAfee? The answer is by following the steps recommended by the people from McAfee technical support. Here’s what they advise you to do:

  • Step 1 – Go to the official website of McAfee
  • Step 2 – Login to your account
  • Step 3 – Click on My Profile
  • Step 4 – Look for Auto-Renewal Settings and click on it
  • Step 5 – Change the auto-renew settings to off

If after doing this, McAfee still charges you automatically for the subscription, there is a way to cancel it. But, in order to get your money back, you will need to do it carefully. That’s why the best thing you can do in that case is give a call to the McAfee support phone number Australia. The tech agents will then guide you through the whole process, making sure you turn off the auto renewal properly this time.


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